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㆗Niter Movies㆙ Free Download Watchmen

writed by: Dave Gibbons

actor: Carla Gugino

directed by: Zack Snyder

liked it: 459812 votes

8,1 of 10 Star

⌘ ♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧

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⌘ ★★★★★★★★★



Watchmen actor jeremy.
OK we have been waiting for this one for a long time and sometimes you have to remember that it could have been done by Michael Bay and truly F@ ed up.
With that in mind The Watchmen stayed loyal to the fans of the comic. I have been reading that critics are saying it is too loyal the the graphic novel to which I say F. that. I personally don’t want to watch a Constantine like version of such an awesome graphic novel. I actually thought it was awesome to watch the movie and have shots right from the comic on the big screen. It was fun to point them out to the person next to me. The pace of the movie for me was great you were never saying get on with it or having battle fatigue.
Sorry No Squid but really I actually liked this ending a bit more and it seemed to make a bit more sense. The world would have to unite to fight a man that can be everywhere at once.
I thought that the characters were extremely well done. The Nite Owl is a personal favorite and Patrick Wilson did an awesome job as did Eral Harley in the role of Rorschach. I did not have one complaint in the characters recreation.
And any comic interpretation that my mom loves is OK with me. Just remember its 2 hours and 45 minutes, pee three times before you go in and no liquids for three hours prior. The time really flys by. Remember though it is a movie and try and enjoy it. And you have a lot of problems with this movie and feel that it just wasn’t that great you should watch The Spirit and be grateful that didn’t happen to this movie.

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Tricky and the other kind. It is funny at first but distracting and mildly irritating later on.
Otherwise, some great performances (Jackie Earle Haley especially) and an interesting, if very dated premise. Alternate histories end up being fairly restricted to the narrow line of what changed to cause the principle effect (in this case, Nixon winning 5 terms instead of resigning) and the immediate vicissitudes that result. They often make overblown assumptions about what would have had to have changed (Woodward & Bernstein’s assassinations instead of, say, an ounce of professional prudence on the part of Ben Bradlee) and what might have resulted (the end of the Cold War. That might have been pretty ponderous stuff in 1985, when this was written. A few short years later the entire premise would be obsolete and remain so two decades later.

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