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This makes your appearance more individual and stylish.

This makes your appearance more individual and stylish.

James Street in the heart of the British city of London. Shoes by John Lobb are extraordinary and always elegant, fashionable but timeless and of course of excellent quality, both in terms of material and workmanship. Owning a John Lobb shoe also means owning a pair of shoes from one of the most famous brands in the world. The regular customer base on St. James Street includes Her Majesty the Duke of Edinburgh and the heir to the throne, Prince Charles. In its workshop, the John Lobb company measures the foot measurements of its prominent customers and can then make them to measure according to their choice. >>

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Feet, as we know in this company, change not only over the years, but also over the course of a day.

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That is the secret of the special fit that distinguishes John Lobb creations. The highest level of craftsmanship is what customers value, although the company’s founder’s career path was not clear from the start. John Lobb was born in 1829 as the son of a farmer in Cornwall. After a broken leg and a subsequent unsuccessful operation, however, the profession of farmer was no longer an option for him and so he learned the craft of shoemaker. After completing his training, he went to the gold prospectors in Australia and already there the cobbler from England made himself popular by making boots for the gold prospectors. The highlight: the heel of the boots was hollow inside to hide the nuggets. He soon made a name for himself in Sydney, doing so well that the Shoemaker Guild even awarded him a gold medal. This gave the successful shoemaker the idea of ​​making a pair of riding boots, which he sent to England as a gift to the then Prince of Wales and later King Edward. The prince was enthusiastic and Lobb received the award in 1863 "Royal Warrent" – to the royal shoemaker. In 1866 he opened his famous shop in London. To this day, the shop and workshop are on St. James Street. Since 1976 the name John Lobb has belonged to the French luxury group Hérmes. One of the founder’s great-grandchildren, John Hunter Lobb, sits on the board of directors. >>

John Lobb – shoes for a lifetime

If you want a pair of these premium shoes, you don’t have to go to London to get them. Lobb employees travel all over Europe and provide their services to selected shoemakers. Your foot will of course be measured exactly and you can wear the shoes immediately after completion. Unlike other high-end cobblers, where you have to come to a fitting, this is not necessary with Lobb. Each shoe is manufactured exactly according to the specifications and wishes of the customer and practically adapted to his foot. How the cobblers at Lobb manage this is of course a closely guarded company secret. For a pair of hand-sewn loafers in Derby or classic Oxford style you have to pay an average of 3200 euros, pumps can cost around 2400 euros and polo shoes can cost over 5000 euros. But it is worth spending so much money on a pair of shoes by John Lobb, because they will last a lifetime and will always look timelessly elegant and classy. Take a look at the production of the exclusive shoes by John Lobb in our photo show .

Show me your bathroom and I’ll tell you who you are. In the getting-to-know phase, many women not only subject the refrigerator and wardrobe to a thorough examination, but also the male bathroom. The problem: the less content and quality, the more difficult it is to land with the lady. The solution: Noble care and bathroom accessories.

Nursing gadgets
Photo series with 10 pictures

If minimalists want to upgrade their bathroom, they shouldn’t rely on clinical white purity. White-on-white is the basic tone of many bathrooms, but it is more reminiscent of sterile hospitals than of characterful understatement. So forget about the toothbrush from your favorite drugstore and grab one of 18 puristic exotic products from Yumaki. For example, in dark gray, black or with the extra grip thanks to skateboard tape, these Japanese toothbrushes meet the requirements for functionality and urban design. Those who prefer electrical oral hygiene get from Oral-B an elegant black alternative with extensive accessories.

Zen for the bathroom: noble and minimalist

The stubborn Japanese style can be deepened with additional care items from Asia without being intrusive.

For example with soaps from Tamanohada – which are produced with a lot of manual labor and only in small quantities. The spherical soap is really something for aesthetes. The lucky fish is a popular welcome gift in Japan and offers a bathroom element with a symbolic surprise effect. Underestimate this one "Everyday object" D rather not. In Japan, the soap is seen as an invitation to relaxation and wellness.

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Shave for real men

Quiet scratching instead of monotonous humming – that has character! You are guaranteed to make an impression with a visibly placed razor blade. There is something of adventure when you put the extremely sharp knife to your throat every day. Of course, a high-quality shaving brush and a pull-off strap for sharpening belong to the complete barber equipment – available for example from

Shooting sharp and shaving sharp belong to the American producers of the handmade "Six Shooter Shaving"Products together. Her shaving brushes are modeled on revolver drums, including six bullets. With such unusual parts, the following applies: Don’t hide them in the bathroom cabinet, otherwise these utensils will not achieve their deserved advantage.

Grooming instead of shaving You can’t boast fancy shaving utensils in the bathroom because you are a proud beard? Then you should get one of the beautiful beard care sets. The beard comb or beard trimmer brings longer beards into shape, while men’s scissors are ideal for trimming. The beard brush is also an important tool to keep the beard looking well-groomed. If the whole care set also comes in an elegant wooden chest – like the Gold Badger model from – it becomes a highlight for the bathroom shelf. Upgrade your wellness temple The bathroom has been upgraded to a living space in which everyone likes to relax and take care of themselves. This is why furniture makers also rely on the refinement of the bathroom with exquisite living accents. Armchairs, stools, tables – they are now allowed to move into the "Wet cell" hold. Even the ladder leaning against the wall is no longer surprising. It is being converted into a towel holder. e15 offers a beautiful high holder made of strong solid wood profiles that are fixed in the wall with invisible screws. The washbasin with ceramic bowl from the same series goes well with this. Dolby Surround in the shower

The right high-tech equipment is still missing so that we don’t have to leave the bathroom at all.

Fit specialists can install TV and music system directly. It can also be a size smaller. Wireless music enjoyment is possible, for example, with water-repellent Bluetooth mini-systems such as iShower possible. It can be attached flexibly and can even be operated from the shower. The playlist from iPhone, iPad and iPod is transmitted through the speakers – up to five devices can be connected at the same time. So you don’t have to log in every time. The guarantee to wake up in the morning or to spend a romantic evening in the bathtub.

Toiletry bag: bathroom on the go

Of course, high-quality bathroom utensils are also available for globetrotters and cosmopolitans. A shaving set like the one from should not be missing on long journeys. An elegant travel razor and a brush in a brass housing can be found in the brown leather case. This set is in good hands on the go in a high-quality toiletry bag like the one from The Bridge – available from Zalando. The Anglo-Tuscan leather goods manufacturer is known for trend setting and bold creations. If you like this style, you can add the practical shoe cleaning set to your equipment.

It’s getting warmer and high time to finally take off your winter fur. The men’s hairstyles for spring / summer 2014 want to be tried out and presented to the ladies. Which hairstyling is trendy now? has the answers and the best tips for you from the hairstyle specialist. The current hairstyle trends 2017 can be found here.

Hairstyle trends 2014
Photo series with 16 pictures

Wash your 0815 hairstyle, rub dry, put in a little gel – and you’re done? There is still much more possible! The current men’s hairstyles will quickly inspire you, because they fit perfectly with the spring feeling and are not subject to rigid rules.

Unconventional cuts

"Hair with full textures that appear restless in itself is popular" explains Klaus-Dieter Kaiser, master hairdresser and creative director of men’s fashion at the Central Association of the German Hairdressing Trade (ZV). "The basis for this is a perfect, clean haircut, which is personalized and creatively refined in the second step." The result can deliberately look unconventional, very lively and, in the best sense of the word, maybe even a bit chaotic. After all, nonconformism is still one of the great signs of our time.

Length differences dominate men’s hair fashion with cleverly placed transitions. The specialist says: "At the moment the whole spectrum from short to long is allowed, for example very short on the sides and in the neck and a little longer at the top or very short at the back and longer at the front and sides." This way, classic short hairstyles get a modern upgrade. This makes your appearance more individual and stylish. The brave choose more differences in length – even the ears can be covered. Especially in summer, the casual, cool surfer style becomes a way of life.

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Do you know the buzz cut?

"The hair is longest in the buzz cut, which is reminiscent of Rod Stewart’s hairstyle. That also looks restless, flaky and loose" says Klaus-Dieter Kaiser. This new edition of the hedgehog cut is even more textured and fringed.

Full contours, asymmetry in the bangs and various styling options characterize this hairstyle trend, which used to be interpreted briefly in military terms. If that’s not unconventional. There are many ways open when styling these fresh looks. It is important to play with the textures. But don’t worry, you don’t have to spend hours in front of the mirror to get the look you want. The current, casual cuts are all easy to style.

Gentleman parted David Beckham, Ryan Reynolds and Leonardo DiCaprio show how it is. "The parting is an indispensable part of the current hair fashion" confirms the master hairdresser. "It belongs to the sleek look, which is especially something for gentlemen." The sleek look simply means smooth and shiny. Thanks to the changeable trend hairstyles, the parting is used again. It doesn’t look old-fashioned or stuffy, but rather charming and trendy. Important here: pull the parting exactly and rely on a strong fixation.

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